Do You Wish To Know About Shiva Walks?

Experience Shiva, the one who stills the mind!

Know More Right Now

Do You Wish To Know About Shiva Walks?

Experience Shiva, the one who stills the mind!

Know More Right Now
Your Inner Game


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The program helps you seek clarity and the answers to the challenges of life

Dandeshwar Temple is the tallest temple of Kumaon Himalayas, dedicated to Shiva at Jageshwar Dham
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  • The Jageshwar Temple Complex has 125 temples. The Linga and Mahamritunjay Pooja started here.
You Will Know

Happiness & Freedom

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Stressed About Work, Money & Success?

Using step-by-step principles of the right path will get you clarity. We will help you identify the path to success in work, wealth & relationships.


Struggling With Yoga & Meditation?

Easy practices given by the Guru for fitness and focus will be taught to you. Jageshwar is emanating energy in the temples and in the entire area.


Want An Intense Life-nurturing Holiday?

The perfect place for the programme while staying at a boutique lodge. Experience Inner Stillness, go birding, visit the old houses, make friends.

Shiva Walks - The Concept That Liberates

The Rules Of The Game Of "Getting-There-In-Life"

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A Meaningful Himalayan Getaway

Van Serai team will host you at the hotel with character, comfort, and it'll be your home. You will enjoy picnics, architecture, storytelling etc.


You Will Keep Returning, We Know!

This was once a pilgrim halt en-route to the famous Kailash-Mansarovar pilgrimage. A stupendous drive to Jageshwar through Kumaoni villages & forests.


Meditation Retreat in Himalayas - India

Pranic food, treks, meditation, breathing techniques, campfire stories, slient forest walks, prayers and tantra help you remove obstacles of life.


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About Jageshwar and Van Serai

About Jageshwar and Van Serai

Jageshwar Resorts Van Serai

Jageshwar Resorts Van Serai

Reema Saikia - Yogini - Guest

Reema Saikia - Yogini - Guest


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